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Preliminary Preparations

Files for image-setting should be prepared as composite PDF files, containing information regarding page dimensions and bleeds.

Suggested colour profile – ISO. We also accept files in PS, PRN, EPS and TIFF formats.

All elements beyond bleeds should exceed the cutting lines by at least 3mm (net format) on all 4 sides.

Black text is printed from one 100%K colour.

Using additional colours, such as Pantone should be clearly marked in the order.

We take no responsibility for additional colour separation to the CMYK standard, colour conversion from RGB to CMYK or for using bitmaps with too low resolution for the projects.

In the event of providing us with raw files (such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, InDesign files etc), it is required to contact our DTP office in order to establish the method and the cost of preparing the files for printing.


Unprocessed graphics used for on-line presentations/slideshows cannot be used for printing.

Print preparation

Below are the guidelines for preparing files for printing. In case of any questions our doubts, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Our offer also includes preparing files for you.

Preparing and sending files:

Two PDF files should be sent: first with the cover and the second with the text of the book (the inside).

The file should contain all pages, numbered (including blanks). Page orientation should be the same in the whole file.

All fonts used in the publication should be included with the PDF files. Failure to do so may result in incorrect font recognition by our printing machines and using wrong fonts for printing (not used in the files).

Bleeds are required to be 5mm.

When ordering sewn covers, the number of pages must be dividable by 4. (Please put blank pages if required.)

Please ensure that the text column on each page has the same position to enable automatic fitting of subsequent pages.

The file with the inside of the publication should be prepared in 600 dpi (300 dpi for full-colour printing) with no print marks.

The cover should be prepared in 300 dpi and may contain print marks.

Files for full-colour printing should be prepared as CMYK compositions. Files for black and white printing are best prepared in greyscale. Using different colour models (RGB, Lab), may result in unintended rasterizing of the printed text.

Files can be sent in digital format (via email), however we recommend uploading them to our FTP server (ftp://mikodruk.nazwa.pl/). Login details are available to our registered clients. It is vital that files are properly named and consistent in all forms of communication with our sales department, and the documentation sent.


If the files are sent without predefined margins, or the difference between page format in the files and actual page format is not specified (the page formats are inconsistent) – the text column will be centred.

If one file contains pages in different formats – the margins will be centred according to the format specified in the order.

If the files lack the required 5mm bleed it will be printed as it is (without bleeds)

We take no responsibility for incorrect usage of overprinting options in the files provided.